Moving Pet Birds and Poultry to Nicaragua

Name: Kelly
Number of Pets: 38
Pet Type: 36 chickens, 2 dogs
Pet Breed: varies
From: Alabama
To: Nicaragua

I already know that we will have little trouble moving the dogs. Nicaragua does not even have quarentine. I am concerned about taking our chickens. How do we transport and what are the legal requirements? My son would be devestated if he could not take at least most of his birds. We are starting a food pantry in Nica and he wants to give eggs.

Hi Kelly
What a great idea and a wonderful way to help out!  It will require some significant planning on your part in order to move your son's pet chickens to Nicaragua.  There are a lot of pet travel requirements that apply to birds and poultry moving internationally.  You can click here to download the poultry and pet bird travel requirements for Nicaragua.
As for how to transport pets internationally, you'll need to make arrangements with the appropriate airlines. Most likely your chickens will have to be exported from a major port (like Miami) and fly on a cargo flight to Nicaragua.  We can certainly assist you with this process, however our services typically start at around $5000 for international moves of birds and poultry.
Good luck!


PetRelocation Team




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