Moving Pet Birds to Germany - Meet Conrad!

A few months ago, we transported Conrad the bird from Virginia to Frankfurt, Germany.  Conrad is a 13 year-old Yellow-Naped Amazon (scientific name Amazona auropalliata) and is very talkative!  His owner reports that he's been enjoying the sunshine and sent us some great pictures of Conrad taking a shower outside.

Moving pet birds internationally always requires a lot of paperwork and advance planning to meet the pet travel requirements for exotic pet moves.  If you want to import pet birds to Germany, you'll need to first see if your bird is listed on the CITES species database

In Conrad's case, he was a CITES-listed bird so it took us about 10 months to prepare all of the paperwork.  Advance planning before moving your pet bird is crucial and we typically recommend working with a professional pet travel services company that is experienced in exotic pet moves, as it can be very overwhelming to try to arrange this sort of transportation on your own.

Contact PetRelocation if you're looking for assistance with arranging safe bird travel.


PetRelocation Team




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