Moving Pet Turtles to France

Name: Florence
Pets Number: 1
Pet Type: turtle
Pet Breed: Florida or red eared
From: Hong Kong
To: France

I adopted my turtle from Hong Kong Spca around 2 years ago! I would like to move her back to France! How is the legislation? do I need to get a vet certificate? And how can can she be transported! I am taking Airfance plane this summer! But, they told they only accept cats and dogs on the flight? What are the other possibilities?

Hi Florence!  Thanks for your question. We'd recommend looking into other pet friendly airlines that will accept your turtle, or perhaps arranging a cargo flight on one of the airlines for your pet turtle, as most airlines will not allow turtles to travel in the cabin.
Also it would be a good idea to check the CITES species database to see if your turtle is a protected species.  You'll also have to contact the Ministry of Agriculture in both Hong Kong and France to see if they have any additional requirements (vet certificates are typically required but for more specifics, someone will need to reach out to the Ministry of Agriculture).
We can of course handle all of these pet moving tasks for you on your behalf however it can become quite expensive to move exotic pets internationally (over $1000 USD if the turtle is not CITES-protected and over $5000 USD if the turtle is a CITES-protected species).
Good luck!


PetRelocation Team




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