Moving Pets to China!

Ni Hao brave traveller! Whether youre moving pets to China for work or to facilitate a change in lifestyle, you are sure to receive a culture shock even more earth shattering then the jet lag toll on arrival at Beijing airport.

Being one of the earliest centres of human civilization has led to China having one of the most beautiful and colourful cultures in the world. Being the first country in the world to issue paper money and one of the few to develop writing independently; China has good cause to be proud of its heritage.

With dynasties rising and falling like a street performers Diablo, the collection of walls known as the Great Wall of China is still the only man made structure viewable from space by the naked eye. For an edifice that entered construction in the 5th Centaury BC that is a quite an achievement.

We can be pretty sure that today there are no hide clad MongolҒs running around China inventing less creative uses for the wonderfully colorful fireworks of the Jin Dynasty; but it is important to get a grasp on the political situation in any country you intend to emigrate to.

Believe it or not, China is currently in the midst of a civil war. Following victory and the surrender of Japan, resulting from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear road tests, in 1947 the uncomfortably allied Nationalist and Communist parties split asunder. In a naming convention that will get a chortle from any Monty Python fan; the nationalist Republic of China was ushered off of the main land to Taiwan by the communist Peoples Republic of China, who took up claim as a successor state 1949. This war has never technically ceased and both parties still lay claim to the others territory.

As for your own personal Maneki Neko (lucky cat or beckoning cat said to bring good fortune or money) things look quite good. Once you have your residence permit you will need to provide quarantine officials with a vaccination certificate and a health certificate. Cat owners are expected to provide certificates for Feline Panleucopania and Feline Respiratory Disease. The cost to import a cat or small dog is around $70 with a moderate increase for larger animals. Following arriving in China your fuzzy trusty friend will need to be kept in quarantine for 30 days. Fortunately this can be done at your new home with regular visits from officials, so your travelling companion will also be able to use this time to get used to their new surroundings.

So with the Olympics starting tonight, you better get your bags packed and your plane booked. You are undoubtedly going to find you have more friends back home then you thought as they will likely come to visit!

For shipping and importing your pets to China, please follow our import rules and regulations below:

Attention: This information is to be used as general guidelines and may not be updated to meet the current requirements. Before you travel, be sure to contact the appropriate authorities for your destination country.


1) Microchip: Each Pet shall be identified by means of a microchip. No other form of identification is acceptable. The microchip used should comply with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785- otherwise the pet will need to be sent with itҒs own scanner attached to the top of the crate.

2) Rabies Vaccination & Certificate: All pets must have an original Rabies Certificate and this certificate must state the microchip number, the date of inoculation and the validity of the particular vaccination you obtain some are good for two years, others are only good for one. This vaccine must be an inactivated vaccine.

3) Vet Health Certificate (Form 7001)֖ This is the standard Health Certificate to be filled out by your USDA accredited Veterinarian. Must be issued within 10 days of the pet flight.

4) USDA Endorsement: The above referenced forms:

* Microchip Implantation Record
* Rabies Certificate
* Vet Health Certificate

5) Current Vaccination Records

For Dogs & Cats Respectively:

__Canine Distemper. Parvovirus and Hepatitis

__Feline Cat Flu-Feline Calicivirus

__Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis

__Chlamydia Psittaci

__Cat Enteritis-Feline Panleukopaenia/Feline Parvo Virus

Must be sent to your local USDA for their stamp of approval. Please contact your local representative on the best way of handling this.

Quarantine depends on the city you are importing too - Please contact us or the local authorities for the most current quarantine rules for Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guanzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Harbin or any other city you plan on moving to.


PetRelocation Team




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