Moving Pets to Hawaii - A paperwork question


I'm having huge issues getting answers about relocating my cat from Hong Kong to Hawaii. She originally relocated with me from the UK in 2007 and has already had her Rabies Serology certificate/blood test done. After some debate, I was told that this would be accepted by the Hawaiin Government, now only to be told, its not valid because its out of date or some such thing. I'm pulling my hair out, as Jessie has just had her updated Rabies vaccination. Can you help. I cannot find any proper answers anywhere to the question of the rabies serology..and what IS or IS NOT accepted!! many thanks - Shelley in Hong Kong


Hi Shelley,

Without seeing your pet's exact pet travel paperwork, I'm not entirely sure what the situation is and why they are telling you it is expired. If the rabies shot was just now done, they might be saying it is expired because you let the one that she had prior to the serology test lapse between the time you got the first rabies shot and the most recent one.

Or the most recent one might have been done too recently (less than 30 days prior to import) if you are planning on traveling with your pet to Hawaii sometime soon.

Again, without the documentation, there is a plethora of issues that could be keeping you from moving your pet to Hawaii under the shortened quarantine period.

I would encourage you to reach out to the Hawaii government and get further information on moving pets to Hawaii. For a list of regulations as well as an email address for their quarantine office, please see our Moving Pets to Hawaii page.


PetRelocation Team




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