Moving Pets to Hawaii from China

Name: Susan
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Papillons
From: Beijing, China
To: Hawaii

Can the OIE-FAVIN test be done from Beijing, China, or do I need to return to the States before the process is started? -Susan

Hi Susan,

The OIE-FAVN Test is a required step in the "5-day or less" quarantine program for pets going into Hawaii.  The Hawaii Animal Quarantine website states the following regarding the 5-day or less program for pets coming from foreign countries (outside of the US):

Only pets arriving from the British Isles, Australia, Guam and New Zealand may qualify for exempt status.  All other pets must qualify under one of the other programs or complete the 120-day program.
So, coming from China, you would need to comply with the 120-day program.  Details of the 120-day program can be found on pages 15-16 in this Hawaii Animal Quarantine brochure.  There is no OIE-FAVN test required for pets going into the 120-day program.

I'm guessing that you are interested in avoiding quarantine for your two Papillons, which is why you are inquiring about the FAVN test.  The only way to do this would be to enter one of the approved countries that qualifies for Hawaii's 5-day or less program (either the US, UK, Australia, Guam or New Zealand), fulfilling the Hawaii pet import requirements, and then sending your dogs to Hawaii.  The easiest country to do this in would be the United States, as the other countries have similar quarantine requirements to Hawaii and, coming from China, you would need to do additional tests and wait time to avoid those countries' quarantines.  You can check out the US Pet Import Requirements to get a feel for what would be required to enter the US (excluding Hawaii) from China.

Thanks for the question, and please contact one of our Pet Relocation Specialists if you have any more questions or need any help!


PetRelocation Team




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