Moving pets to Hong Kong: microchip questions and kennel reccomendations

Our Miniature Schnauzer has a mircrochip ID #A211835 but this is not a nine digit number. How do I know that this microchip is recognized in Hong Kong? Our Oriental Tabby Cat does not have a microchip. Do we need to have the veterinarian insert a microchip? Is there a cat kennel that you recommend in Hong Kong? We will most likely be living in Shekou which is very close to Hong Kong.

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for your inquiry!

Hong Kong requires all dogs to be micro chipped prior to import.  This can be an AVID 9-digit microchip OR an ISO-compatible microchip (Home Again, ResQ, etc.).

However, all dogs must be registered in Hong Kong with an AVID 9-digit microchip.
That being said, if your Mini-Schnauzer, upon arrival in Hong Kong, does not have an Avid 9-digit microchip, he will be re-chipped with an AVID 9-digit microchip at an additional fee.

Requirements are different for cats.  Your Tabby will have to be micro chipped prior to entry to Hong Kong (with the nine digit requirement already satisfied).  

Here is an outline for micro chipping and rules and requirements for Hong Kong, gleaned from our website:

Regarding kennel recommendations, we do have a few great ones for you:

The first one is PetWorld, offers kenneling as well as additional amenities such as an agility course and two dog-friendly swimming pools (doggie-sized life vests are available!). PetWorld also offers a Dog Club, which is essentially a country club for dog owners;  pet owners can socialize with other pet owners while their pets romp, roll and relax on property! "Pet  networking at it's best!

Additionally, the more "boutique" style kennel, Dogotel, is our second kennel recommendation, is located on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong.  
This trendy kennel with its premium indoor boarding kennels, grooming salon and day care service also boasts an upscale cafe and bar for pet owners to relish.    

However, do not be misled this kennel's name! Dogotel can accommodate both dogs and cats! 

I hope you, your Mini-Schnauzer and your Tabby Cat have a fabulous relocation to Hong Kong!


PetRelocation Team




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