Moving pets to Japan!

Moving with pets to Tokyo, Japan!

Traveling and Holidays with pets are fabulously refreshing, fun and a great way to spend some time with loved ones, friends or family; but don't forget your best friend when you plan your next trip. Pets love vacations too because they get to spend quality time with their favorite person / people- Their human family!

You've decided to travel to the exciting international city of Tokyo; Japan. With a little planning and some pet friendly travel tips both your family and pet(s) will have a wonderful time discovering as well as appreciating the unique cultural and social opportunities this world capital affords. The sheer size and complexity of Tokyo can be some what daunting but you can relax knowing that this amazing country is home to an estimated 19 million pets. Believe it or not Japan boasts more pets than the entire Japanese child population under fifteen years of age. That's sure a lot of pets! Tokyo is known as the mega city as there is so much to do and see during your stay. Best of all your pets are most welcome!

For those tourists that wish to leave their pooches or feline friends in luxurious five star accommodation while they tour those attractions not suitable for their furry charges, they can rest assured knowing that guests of the four legged variety are treated like royalty, living in the lap of luxury at The Pet Inn Royal located at Tokyo's Narita airport.

The Pet Inn Royal boasts 170 well-appointed rooms not an over-crowded concrete kennel in sight! Your pet will be treated to veterinary and grooming services, an exercise field and staff who are on hand to attend to their needs 24 hours a day. All rooms are fitted with air conditioning and purifiers guaranteeing a pleasant sweet odor for the next occupant. The service is not limited to dogs and cats: rabbits, hamsters, and even ferrets are most welcome at the inn!

For cat lovers try Shrek Watta House; a small Japanese-style house for tourists and business travelers alike that are especially happy to accommodate both humans and their cats at no extra charge! You may stay a week, months or even years if you wish- along with your purring companion.

Have you heard that dogs get treated like queens and kings there! Your pooch would love to go, they have dog bakeries and dog spas and loads and loads of other places for dogs to visit and dogs are allowed in every shop. Doggie Paradise!

Treat your best friend to a holiday too by staying at these pet friendly hotels together!

ַ Akihabara Washington Hotel: Conveniently located in Downtown Tokyo.

נ The Palace Hotel: is a distinguished, deluxe 10-story property that overlooks the ImperialPalace and Gardens. All rooms have been renovated in 1994.

7 Four Seasons Chinzan: Centrally located close to Tokyo's main business and financial centre yet idyllically situated in an historic and peaceful 7-hectare garden setting.

נ Oakwood Residence Aoyama: Located in the most prestigious and cosmopolitan part of Tokyo Metropolis in the Shibuya-Ku ward delivering superior services and quality accommodation.

The vast majority of Japanese people studied English in junior high and high school but very few of them ever dare speak it; but they all love animals; especially dogs! Watch them gather around to say hello- even if it's just a friendly pat!


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