Moving pets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Moving with your pets to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Many pet owners don't want to leave their pets behind when they go on vacation. After all, the pets are part of the family too. Pet friendly hotels can help with this problem, as they let you bring your pet with youbut there are rules, in terms of the age, size and many insist on proper training; before your pet can stay on the premises. Yes, training - we have heard that some hotels actually want to see your pet and its understanding of proper commands. I guess this gives them the ability to see if your pet is well behaved, or otherwise. You know the drill!

There's one dog hotel in Kuala Lumpur where the owner's ensure a clean environment for the dog to stay in and like a spoiled pooch he / she has a rather free run as this dog hotel is known as "Puppy Cottage", reputed to be the best 5 star dog hotel in town. Grooming services are available upon request.

At Kargo, there is another dog hotel too that also caters for your largest horse through to a tiny mouse showing that they certainly accept a large variety of pets. Services are good, clean and very affordable.

The De' Ritz Pet Hotel is a 5-star hotel for your cats or dogs with an area of 4,000 square feet which is fully air-conditioned. This hotel is located in Ikano Power Centre in Petaling Jaya, about 25 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. There are also many local hotels that cater forcombined pet and people friendly options.

Now with your pet's accommodation options covered, how about getting around the city itself and seeing some of the sights? Be warned, as this is known as the mad city! Be sure to look closely at the street map for the city of Kuala Limper as it can be very confusing. At first glance, or even the hundredth one it resembles some thing akin to a children's doodle book but this magical and vibrantly colorful location is a must see nothing short of amazing. Finding your way around is all part of the fun and experience that a new city affords- and with your trusty companion to navigate, you'll soon find your way albeit some unnecessary walking as he chases the odd monkey or two!

Islamic Museums and monkeyslots and lots of monkeys! Parts of the city, Chinatown for example can be grubby, congested and dirty however at twenty minute walk takes you into the Islamic part of town. This part of town is clean, pedestrian friendly and has many beautiful buildings for you and your family to admire along the way. You are also certain to see lots of cheeky monkeys during your travels and they will often be happily perched investigating all those that go past. Don't be surprised if they just stare at you from a nearby tree watching with displeasure as you and your friendly buddy stroll past. There are also plenty of fabulous markets and shops for you to enjoy as well as great local cuisine to sample along the way.

Fireflies, lots more monkeys and a magical thunderstorm! If you are lucky enough to find your way a top of a roof bar and catch a spectacular thunderstorm from such a vantage this is an amazing experience. Your dog may think otherwise but truly it's well worth having a look.

Fireflies at Klang: A long drive north out of the city, past cash crops, straight rows of countless Palm Olive trees and other fruit bearing palms brings you to a magnificent view of the breath taking coast as well as the Melaka straits, a significant trading river in the past; but the highlight of the day is to see the wild monkeys. They literally line up along the edge of the road. Be sure to have peanuts as they will come and take them straight from your hands. It is truly amazing as they will steady themselves, taking a hold of your fingers and then gently take a peanut from you. Be prepared to get a little bombarded by monkeys but it's a cool experience that you won't forget! Perhaps leave your favorite travel friend at the hotel though as monkeys and dogs don't usually see eye to eye!



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