Moving Pets to Slovakia:  Cody and Cryssie’s Pet Move

If you're moving pets to Slovakia and are wondering about the pet travel rules and requirements, check out our Slovakia pet travel page.

Name: Claire
Pets' Names: Cody and Cryssie
From: Denver
To: Slovakia was the best part of our 4 month assignment in Europe. They set everything up to move our two extra large dogs to and from Denver and Slovakia. Scotty and his teams in Denver and Austria took care of the dogs and they arrived safely on both legs of the trip. Since transporting a pet is the most stressful part of a move, as let's face it, the dogs are our kids, I was grateful for Scotty and his team. Especially important was how they took care of our big white furrballs when things didn't go as planned.  I recommend to anyone contemplating a move internationally.


PetRelocation Team




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