Moving to Dubai, UAE with pets!

Dubai is one of the best places for western expatriates to be posted to in the Gulf region. Many feel comfortable in Dubai because of its whole hearted acceptance of liberal western ways while at the same time maintaining its ancient Arab culture. Dubai is a wonderful mix of traditions and people ranging from the Arabs, Oriental and Asians to Europeans and Americans. And the best part is that Dubai lets you be yourself, letting you live your life the way that you want to, unlike many other orthodox Gulf countries. No wonder then, that Dubai is generally amongst the top ten holiday destinations and expatriate locations - especially when it comes to pets!

The best part about Dubai is that the emirate is flowing with a palpable energy, a buzz that you can feel when you are there. Dubais streets, markets and malls are full of life. The scenic beauty of its coasts and beaches are always inviting while its malls are shoppers galore. The world class business centers, hotels and resorts make sure that it is the place where the rich and famous of the world meet to strike mega deals. If you are moving with your family to Dubai, then you can rest assured that everybody will find something to suit their tastes, needs and requirements in Dubai.

Pets are very welcomed in Dubai and as with all world hubs, the abundance of pet services and accommodations are everywhere. The hard part for Expatriates with having pets in Dubai, is usually - getting them there.

Before you being on your journey in shipping or moving with your pets to Dubai, you will need to make sure you follow the regulations and requirements for import to the UAE. You can find them here.

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