Moving to Germany with Pets!

As per the new European Union requirement dogs and cats must have an id number preferably as a microchip and a passport issued by a vet for the pet itself. If you live in a rented place the permission of your landlord is mandatory.

Germany has a ban on import of a few species and rules vary from state to state. Rottweilers are not completely banned but some locations require that they must pass through a personality test. If they pass, then they can be let into the country but remember a dog has to be kept leashed whenever its outside the ownerҒs property.

The owner is legally responsible for all the pets in this country. Anything that the animal does can draw a controversy and huge law suits. So for example your cat ran in the middle of the road and a card driver pulled over causing an accident, the liability lies with the owner and he can be sued. Insurance is available to safeguard owners in such situations. It would be ideal to have one of these insurance covers done.

The entry of dogs into many public areas in Germany is restricted. They are not allowed in butcher shops, grocery stores and any stores where fresh food items are sold. Some cafes wont allow dogs inside. Shops or places where dogs are not allowed will have a sign on the window with a dog on it.The rules ease off for traveling and pets are allowed in trains. Even airlines allow pets but itҒs always better to notify them in advance.

A good strong crate is always a necessity while moving your pets. The crate should be properly ventilated. It should be big enough so that your pet can stand turn around and lie down properly. There are many pet stores which sell these crates and are available with the airliners. If the pet is traveling without the owner its advised to hire a pet travel agency. There are many pet travel agencies helping you to transport pets around the country. The agencies will also help you in getting through the border checks and relevant documents.

Germany is a beautiful country and its beauty is alive more because of its rules. So with pets itҒs no different. Your pet can enjoy the country and its serenity only if its well behaved. It doesn't change for you either!

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in pet travel help or pet airlines recommendations to Germany.


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