Moving to Hong Kong with Pets!

Through the past couple of decades, pet friendly Hong Kong has been one of the fastest growing cities in the world. A business capital in the making, if there ever was one, Hong Kong today is one of the top five most happening cities in the world, especially when it comes to money and power. All major western corporations already have or are planning an office in Hong Kong. So it would hardly be surprising if your Fortune 500 firm all of a sudden decides to send you, to fill a certain position in the Hong Kong branch.

Pet moving to Hong Kong from the US or UK would definitely result in a culture shock. A climatic shock might also be there for a lot of people who are not used to hot and humid climates. However, the culture shock would be of a different nature than what you would get if you went to say, India or Saudi Arabia. Hong Kong is like the quintessential melting pot of the east and the west. Coupled with this is the energy and hustle bustle of a city that is constantly in motion, and this buzz, more than anything else is what would differentiate your stay in Hong Kong from good old Boise or Manchester or even San Jose.

If you are planning to spend a considerable time in Hong Kong, then taking your pet along is a good idea. But you will have to consider that while pets are generally accepted, some landlords do not allow pets on their premises. Apart from this, Hong Kong is hardly the best place in the world for a dog. This is because, being a huge and highly populated city, neighborhoods where you can have a garden or yard for the dog are sparse. Most flats are small and come without much open space, so your dog would mostly be cooped up inside the house apart from his daily dose of walking. Then again, the city has very strict rules against pets defecating on the streets and you might find yourself slapped with a hefty fine even before doggie dear has time to ask for a toilet paper.

The only consolation is if you are able to afford some help who would walk your dog and save you from getting fined also. Apart from this, you might try to get a house that comes with a walled in roof or a yard or even a small lawn. A number of such abodes are available, but most of these are far from the city center.

Pets like cats, hamsters, fish and mice should find their stay in Hong Kong more comfortable, since they would hardly mind staying indoors. Taking your winged friend is also a good choice, but your bird might have to stay in quarantine for some period after migration due to the avian flu problem in this region. Keep in mind however, that no matter what kind of pet you plan to take to Hong Kong, all pet transfer related papers like health certificate and import permit etcetera should be in order. You can check out all the rules and regulations regarding taking your pet to Hong Kong on line, and should start the procedure at least a couple of months before you plan to travel.


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