Moving to India with Pets!

India the land of gods and elephants has place for cats as well. The country has various cultures traditions and rituals followed in different places. There are few religions which have animals as their sacred animals and in such regions animals enjoy status of a god.

Cows are sacred for Hindus who form the major population of the country. And cows enjoy a privileged life in a lot of places. However the same animal is used for pulling carts which is the other side of the countrys contradicting practices. However India has a lot of people who love their pets and this is a place where animals enjoy the status of a very important family member.

Cats in India are considered to be animals that add beauty to homes. Their presence is very common in most pet friendly neighborhoods and they are loved by a lot of people. These cats are most favored by the kids who take to streets every evening.

Dogs are the most loved pets all across the world and they enjoy the same status in India. They enjoy the most liberty in the homes they live. They can sleep on their owners bed they can snatch food from the plate and some of these acts are not forgiven even for kids. So they enjoy a royal treatment across the country in the households they live.

The country has many locations across its length and breadth to make your trip a long one. Right from the Himalayas in the North to Kanyakumari in the south the country has mind blowing countryside and rocking urban areas also lovely cool hill stations and a wide variety of food cuisines.

The food ranges from sweet dishes in the northern part of the country to sea food in the coastal areas and lovely spicy food at the southern regions. So you will have a lot to offer yourself in your travel through this country. Just make sure to taste everything that you can and you might just love most of them if not all of them.

People of this country have a lot of values in the way of their life and so the first thing that you can see here is that people respect each other. So you are going to be treated really well and made feel like a king in this country. Your buddy will not be left behind as well as animals are treated really well here. So much so that the pets actually develop food habits of their owners and dogs eating rice is a common sight in a lot of households in India.

At the end of the pet travel trip you might just have your pet asking for sweets and rice instead of biscuits and meat!!


PetRelocation Team




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