Moving with Pets to Belgium

This country has probably the oldest history in terms of food, art and architecture in all of Europe and is also a beautiful country, like most other European countries.



After reading more into Belgium, we found it interesting that the country has had 2 sects of people, namely Germanic Flemings and Celtic Latin Walloons who have been handling an artificial boundary between the countries.



The country has a rich history with a lot of interesting and attractive things in itself. A rich vat of beer, lots of chocolates and also oil paint bureaucrats. The capital of the

Country Brussels is one of the few capitals in the world that is officially bilingual.



The weather in this country is fickle and when the sun comes out its time to celebrate. The best time to enjoy the sun is May to September when its late autumn to spring and a lot of DJs here would love playing the famous Beatles song ғHere comes the sun, as the parties do officially begin!



As in most tourist spots this place will be crowded during the summer months and its better to book a place to live there so that you and your pet are not stranded on the lovely streets of sunny Belgium after your pet transport or pet airline experience. Its quite different in Brussels- the capital of Belgium where the summer months are quiet and a few hotels slash prices as well. So you can plan your trip accordingly to match up with these deals.



For those who want a more laid back approach, chose the winter months November- March and you can have plenty of time and less crowds, to visit all the museums and tourists attractions in the country. Ensure you have packed the right clothes as the weather is very fickle during this time of year.



While in Belgium do not forget to check out the world famous Belgian Malinois. This dog with its name coming from the Belgian city of Malines, is the most popular breed of the four famous breeds of Belgian Sheepdogs. They are highly versatile, very smart and the best breed for activity or tracker training.



Your travel will have loads of fun as this country invites people with heart, whom want to enjoy life to the maximum. The weather in this country will make your pet enjoy its stay and also have fun. While Beer and chocolates are keeping you busy, your pet might just learn to wave its head and wag its tail for the music played by the DJs.



That should be it; you are ready to travel into Belgium to enjoy a beer with your pet by your side.


PetRelocation Team




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