Moving with Pets to Finland!

Working in a leading Software firm in India, you have created a nice cocoon for yourself, a life of comfort and luxury, a big house, help at hand and the works. You have made your life in this country, settled down and all set to retire here, but one fine day you get into office and your boss excitedly calls you into his room to tell you that he is putting you as the Head of operations for a new project that the company has landed. Wonderful news indeed, but there is a slight catch, you will have to pack your bags, your family and move to Helsinki, Finland which is on the other side of the world, as far as you are concerned it is another planet altogether.

Finland, the European country that is bordered by Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia was once part of Sweden but now is a democratic country since it got Independence in 1917.A country so unlike India in the sense that it is made up of numerous lakes and islands, has extreme temperatures and the people there speak very little English, outside of what they are said to have learnt through the media and from tourists. The primary language here is Finnish and second language being Swedish.

An interesting trivia about Finland is that it ranks sixth in the list of Happiest Nations in the world, a fact that should bring a smile to anyone going there or moving there.

Finland boasts to have the most diverse and extensive variety of Flora and fauna, which means there is plenty of wildlife and animals; birds will most certainly feel at home here.

Please let us know if you need help with your pet travel or pet transportation to Finland.


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