Moving with pets to Iceland?!

Pet Friendly Travel to Reykjavik, Iceland!

Iceland has some of the worlds most dramatic geography; from volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, bubbling mud pools, fjords, waterfalls, glacial rivers and hot springs. This fact, coupled with a myriad of attractions make Iceland a perfect family destination, especially if you want to bring your dog! With friendly pet travel options on the increase, it's no wonder some people take their dogs, cats and birds absolutely everywhere with them. Luckily today more and more places are now allowing, and even catering especially for the new breed of family traveler!

Reykjavik, Iceland is a perfect holiday destination and offers a safe, clean as well as plenty of family fun-filled activities for all members of your family. Despite its chilly name; Iceland will warmly welcome you, your family and your stable of pets!

It doesn't matter where, when or why you are going out; so long as your dog can come too! Pick up your keys and hes ready at the door, raring to go! During the day Reykjavik offers an easygoing pace of life with bountiful cultural attractions, numerous cafes, six geothermal swimming baths and countless day trip opportunities to explore.

One of the most charming things about Reykjavik is that everything you want to see is handily located within walking distance; that will keep your dogs very happy! Head downtown for some shopping, with perhaps a tasty treat for a well behaved pup! If he starts barking at the tiny mounds of stones that dot the ground, you may have found miniature houses for the gnomes the Icelandic people believe in. Visit the wild beauty of Western Iceland, famed for birdlife, volcanic wonders, and its heritage rich in Viking and Saga history. From space age fun to Vikings at Oskjuhlid Hill; and a man-made geyser. Do visit the Reykjavik Zoo and then why not why not finish the day with a swim in one of many thermal pools in Iceland? Hot pools are a way of life here which means that they are located just about every where! There's plenty of skiing in many areas, including southeast of Reykjavik, as well as sledding and riding on the strangely shaggy Icelandic horses. Of course you can also rent a bike, go bird-watching, skidoo on a glacier, book a dog-sled tour or even go whale watching here. DonҒt be surprised if you drop a couple of pounds while touring Iceland; as to experience its diverse landscape as well as take in all of the attractions, you've got to keep moving!

Iceland is one of the culinary capitals of the world, with gastronomical pleasures to entice every taste. When it's cold҅hot tasty food warms one up! Everything here tastes fantastic; especially the pylsa which means hot dogs. No matter what the weather; people have been lining up for the wieners at Baejarins Bestu ("Town's Best); Reykjavik's best-known hot dog stand. Icelanders like their dogs with special sauces; mere mustard just wont do! Your dog will just love them too! Do try DominoҒs for a hot, tasty pizza or Subway Sandwiches and lamb or seafood rather than beef is the go here. Icelandic Fish & Chips will warm you nicely and there are also lots of bakeries with fresh baked goodies, cakes and breads! Also do buy groceries, including some tasty dog food treats for your dog at Bonus, as it has much lower prices than almost all other grocery stores in Iceland.

The Scandinavian charm, a distinctly polite culture and beautiful land combine to make your holiday in Iceland truly memorable. There are accommodation styles to suit every budget and taste from hotels and guest houses to farm-houses, hostels and camping grounds for those that like the great outdoors. You may find it a bit nippy in winter though! Self-catering is a great option so that you can whip up a meal and feed the troops and the dogs when they are hungry! Pet friendly accommodation is readily available throughout Iceland, but do let them know in advance that you have a dog, cat or other pet traveling with you. Remember that how you and your pet behave will determine whether or not you are invited back, allowed to stay longer and even determines pet-policies in the future!

Finally; the land of fire and ice will inspire, captivate and enthrall both nature lovers and adrenaline junkies alike as this is truly a land of diversity and exciting adventures. You, your family and pets will certainly feel at home and have an extraordinary time together.

Happy Pet Travels!


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