Moving your pets to Chile!

Moving pets to Chile!

Chile is a narrow South American country, bursting with breath-taking landscapes, glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, forest and even more! Because of such enigmatic diversity, Chile is popularly known as the land of extremes! And if the glamorous beauty of nature does not attract you, Chilean food and wine will surely be enough to lure you!

Chile might sound like an unusual name and it is still not clear why pet friendly Chile was named this way. According to some historians, the Incas of Peru, who had failed to conquer the Araucanians, called the valley of the Aconcagua "Chili" by corruption of the name of a tribal chief ("cacique") called Tili. Another story points to a town and valley named Chili. Strange as it may seem, many experts feel that Chile may derive its name from the indigenous Mapuche word chilli! The word chilli may mean "where the land ends," "the deepest point of the Earth,", or "sea gulls;" "cold", "snow." The diversity of the meanings should be enough to assure that a trip to Chile might just turn out to be the most adventurous one for you and your pet!

Like any other country, Chile has its own set of well-defined rules and regulations for the movement of pets. Your pet should ideally be accompanied by a health certificate issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian in your country and the veterinarian's license number must appear on the health certificate. This certificate shall contain your name and address, and complete identification of your pet (name, breed, sex and age).

The certificate must also state clearly your pet(s) were examined within 10 days prior to departure and found to be free of any infectious diseases. It should also clarify that your pet was vaccinated against rabies, which was administered no greater than 12 months and no sooner than 30 days prior to departure.

As a rule, the rabies vaccination certificate, which should include date of vaccination, product name and serial number, must accompany the health certificate. Details of your pet's treatment against endo- and ecto-parasites will also be there in the documents.

Once you arrive in Chile, your pet may be under official observation for a period of at least 30 days. For pet certificates, Chile indicates that APHIS endorsement is required in every health certificate when a declaration is made that the rabies vaccine is in effect.

Your pet may enter Chile as passenger's checked baggage, in cabin or as cargo. Live animals to be transported to Easter Island (IPC) require a sanitary certificate issued by the "Sociedad Agricola Ganadera" (SAG). You must remember that if requirements are not met, your pets will be retained upon arrival.

So what are you waiting for? Get the required documents and head off for the joy of a lifetime in the whimsical Chile!


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