Moving your pets to Vietnam?!


To many pet lovers their four-footed friends are more than just pets; they are official and very important members of the family. With the growing trend to include dogs and cats on family relocations these days; lots of lucky pets are now discovering the world with their owners. Saigon; Vietnam is one such location, as many expatriates are enjoying the wonders of Vietnam, especially when they can ship their pets with them! Get your pet ready for import to Vietnam, then its off to discover the sights of this magical travel destination together!

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is an exotic city which is legendary for its exuberant, muddled society, streets crammed with motorcycles and all sorts of entrepreneurial wonders is also a perfect base from which to explore the magical Mekong Delta, one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations once youҒve finished discovering the heart and soul of modern Vietnam. How about a swim and some snorkeling along the white sandy coast of Southern Vietnam?

With your pet safely secured to your hand; explore bustling streets and market places like the Ben Thanh Market together and see the beautiful old colonial buildings from the French era. Do visit the Cu Chi Tunnels outside Saigon where the Viet Cong hid during the Vietnam War. Also be sure to visit Reunification Palace. Travel by boat along rural waterways or share the evening with your family on the deck of a traditional Chinese Junk simply staring at the stars as you meander by? Gaze in awe as a family of four balances precariously on a scooter whizzing past; as this typifies the vibrancy of this citys amazing street life! You, your family and pets will never forget the smells, sights and sounds of Saigon as they will leave you full of wonder, learning, sensory overload and exhilaration! Guaranteed!

With a population of more than five million, the city is crowded, noisy and dirty; but is also simultaneously exciting and historic. Despite a modern influence, Saigon is still stoutly Asian in character with fine restaurants, cafes and chic bars as well as sidewalks jammed with noodle stands, street vendors, markets and even shoeshine boys. Not for the feint hearted are the stalls selling barbecued dog and writhing snakes as well as tropical fruits! I did warn you to secure your lovable pooch firmly to you; or better still carry him!

Vietnam offers an exciting mix when it comes to food and flavors with the colonization by the French to the influence of India and China, the Vietnamese culinary map is marked by many cultures; which translates simply to deliciously divine! Or very, very, very good!

When traveling with your special four legged guests to Saigon itҒs important to do your home work before you leave! We certainly dont want anyone ending up in the wrong side of the dinner table for example! Some pet friendly hotels offer pet menus, gourmet pet treats, pet sitting, pet toys, complimentary pet bowls, and pet massages! HowҒs that for a warm welcome?

Finally; anyone who is fascinated with Asian culture, history and that loves a cosmopolitan lively city will enjoy a holiday in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). The best time to holiday in Saigon, (Ho Chi Minh City) is during the dry season between December and March, when it is also slightly cooler.

Before you set off on shipping, moving or transporting your pets to Vietnam, please make sure you visit our online country profile for Vietnam, by clicking on this link! You will learn more about this wonderful country and the import requirements needed for Vietnam!

Happy Pet Travels!


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