Muddy pawprints in an English kitchen never looked so good!

We received this wonderful thank you note today from Stefanie, whose Havanese dogs, Rico and Lola, we pet transport moved from San Francisco to the pet friendly United Kingdom yesterday!

So exciting! The prince and princess have arrived! Ricco and Lola made it safely here and are lively, happy and eager to "check out" their new home. They were in GREAT spirits when I picked them up - 3 hours in customs, but nonetheless just perfect in every way. Mommy was a nervous wreck waiting but, we are all good and reunited. Lola came in the house and immediately plowed into all the laundry and rolled in it and Ricco went in the backyard to see his new surroundings and Brit and I just sat down and laughed! I spend nearly everyday mopping my white kitchen tiles and I never thought I I'd be so happy to see them COVERED with muddy little footprints! We are all so happy! Time to run and get Ryan from school!

Love you all and thank you all a MILLION TIMES for you endless, love, support, work, trips to the vet, trips to the store and time with our pups! I am not sure if the Queen herself receives such love.......will send pics tonight when Mark can download!


PetRelocation Team




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