Namaste from New Delhi, India

The boys are doing great and adjusting to life in India.  They stay inside most of the time though because of the heat.   Bonifas in particular takes great interest in barking at the “sacred” cows.   Walking them is a challenge in our community because there are so many aggressive stray dogs that roam in packs.  I leave it up to Dario!
Once we get a little more settled in, I will send pictures as well as a letter of recommendation.  I can guarantee that when it comes time to move to another location from here, will be the first place we call.
Do you a physical address if we wanted to send a package your way?
Thanks again for all your assistance.  You certainly took the pressure off of our shoulders and took great care of the boys.
Warm regards and Namaste,
Kirstin and Dario L.


PetRelocation Team




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