Nassau and Japhy’s Pet Move to Beijing

Name: Jane
Pets' Names: Nassau and Japhy
Moved From: Chicago
Moved To: Beijing

Nassau and Japhy (left to right in foreground of photo) are spending the year in Beijing, while the rest of the kitty family is staying in Chicago. was nothing short of an excellent service. We wanted a company who would make the transportation of Japhy and Nassau a safe and easy experience for them, and offer us piece of mind about the decision to move our pets. We certainly got both- the duo arrived in Beijing healthy and happy and were busy playing and exploring within 15 minutes of arrival. It was great to have an individual specialist who worked with you through the whole process- it was important to have a person you could call or email with any questions.  You never feel anonymous with this service. The information they were able to provide made it easy to get the pets ready to travel step by step. Perhaps most importantly, Cara, our specialist, always was enthusiastic about our animals and never made us feel awkward because we believe our pets are family. That was really respected and understood and that made all the difference. We'll be using for their return trip to the US next year for sure!


PetRelocation Team




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