Nearly Half of Pet Owners Will Travel with Pets This Summer, Third Annual Summer Pet Travel Survey Finds

AUSTIN, Texas, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PetRelocation, an international pet travel and pet transportation service provider, has announced the results of its third annual Summer Pet Travel Survey. For 2012, travel trends have fluctuated, but overall the popularity of pet travel is holding steady and consumer demands are more specific than ever.

Nearly Half of Pet Owners Will Travel This Summer
Forty seven percent of respondents said they planned to travel with their pets within the next three months, and another 40 percent plan to travel within the next year.

Dogs Rule (Even More)
Though about a quarter of the people said they travel with their cats, a commanding 85 percent will bring their dogs along when they hit the road in 2012. In 2011, 58 percent said they traveled with dogs and 22 percent with cats.

Pet Owners Want More Pet-Friendly Hotels
When it comes to prohibitive factors, 40 percent said there aren't enough pet-friendly hotels to choose from. Hotel fees and an inadequate amount of pet-friendly airlines were also singled out as the most difficult parts of pet travel (each of these was cited by 17 percent of people). About 12 percent of respondents said they found airline pet fees to be too high, down significantly from 18 percent last year and 38 percent in 2010.

Safety Tops the List
For the third year in a row, safety was cited as the number one priority for pet travelers, with 60 percent of respondents saying it is their top concern when making travel plans. Convenience came in second place at 25 percent, and pricing was stated as the number one concern for 15 percent of people.

Pets as Deciding Factors
An overwhelming 90 percent of people said they would change their travel plans to better accommodate their pets, and more than half (57 percent) would choose a hotel based on its pet-friendly features.

The full results of the 2012 Pet Travel Survey can be found here.

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