New Alaska Airlines Pre-Flight Program Makes Pet Shipping Easier

Alaska Airlines has announced a new partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital that will help travelers navigate the pet transport process more easily. Banfield, which has more than 800 facilities in over 40 states, will now give Alaska Airlines customers a free office visit, a travel consultation, and a $10 discount on the required health certificate.

Alaska Airlines flies pets in both the cargo and the cabin areas of the plane, and in the statement they issued Monday, professes a commitment to pet care and safety. Starting on May 1, they will be implementing new kennel standards for pets traveling in the cargo hold, and through June 9 will offer a 10% discount on PetStreak Animal Express shipments (the service for shipping pets via freight when the owners are not on the same flight).  Visit this website to find out how to redeem these offers.

This partnership shows that travel service providers are truly taking notice of the fact that more people are traveling with pets these days. It's a trend that's on the rise, so smart businesses will likely continue to innovate and expand in order to safely accommodate the needs that go along with shipping pets.

We can't wait to see who steps up next, and we'll certainly keep you informed as life becomes even more streamlined for pet travelers.


PetRelocation Team




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