New fees for Australia’s pet quarantine begin this week for travelers with pets

Note: For more current information about pet travel to Australia, please see PetRelocation's Australia Pet Relocation Spotlight.

PetRelocation is reminding travelers with pets and people moving with pets to Australia that all cats and dogs entering Australian quarantine on or after 7 August 2009 will be charged according to the new fees in the table below.

From the AQIS website:

The fee increases are necessary to ensure that we can maintain our service levels to importers, as well as our commitment to managing the quarantine risks associated with imported animals through the implementation of post arrival quarantine. 

To simplify the fee structure, individual services currently charged and new services not previously charged have been merged into the daily accommodation rate for cats and dogs.

Service Notes Fee A$

Quarantine entry

Fee is charged for each animal


Veterinary inspection of animal  Fee per 15 minutes. In the majority of cases only half an hour is required. This fee is charged for each animal. (Generally 30 minutes of time applies.)  $40 
Document clearance  This fee is charged for each animal. If additional information is required to complete document assessment an additional $40 per 15 minutes will be charged.  $40 

Accommodation of a cat

Daily rate for the first cat


Accommodation of an additional cat in the consignment*, if sharing accommodation with the first cat

Daily rate for subsequent cats


Accommodation of a dog

Daily rate for the first dog


Accommodation of an additional dog in the consignment*, if sharing accommodation with the first dog

Daily rate for subsequent dogs


Any additional veterinary care  Additional veterinary care, e.g. booster vaccinations, are provided by a private veterinarian  Charged to the owner by private veterinarian 
Stowage of goods  Animals not removed after quarantine finishes  Same fee that would apply if animals were still in quarantine 

*A consignment for this purpose is defined as dogs and/or cats being sent to Australia, at the same time from the one country of origin, with the same importer and exporter details listed on the import permit application.

It should be noted that the fees listed above are for the care and maintenance of animals only.  There may be other import clearance and documentation fees associated with the import of dogs and cats not outlined in this structure that may be applied to invoices for importers.

More useful links:
More detailed information about the Import Clearance Program Fees may be found on the AQIS Website Frequently Asked Questions page.  As usual, e-lodgement bookings can be made through the AQIS site, or are provided as PetRelocation's full door to door pet transport services to Australia.


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