New Import Rules - Jakarta, Indonesia: UPDATE - We will update all of you as we get new information, especially the answer to if all of the US is listed as a Rabies Free Country or if US Pets need to get extra blood test done prior to entry. Here is the latest pet transport update we have:

UPDATE - new government regulations on importation of pets to Indonesia - effective September 2007

The Indonesian government has issued new regulations on the importation of pets which will be effective from September 2007. Starting from that date Jakarta area and also whole Java Island, will be RABIES FREE.

The consequences of this will be:

Pets (dogs or cats ) coming from Rabies-free countries can only be imported to Jakarta, Indonesia.

* List of Rabies Free Countries:
1. Hawaii
2. Australia
3. Bermuda
4. Denmark
5. Hong Kong
6. Ireland
7. Japan
8. Malta
9. New Zealand
10. Norway
11. Singapore
12. Sweden
13. United Kingdom
14. Turkey & Coicos
15. Brunei
16. Sabah & Sarawak
17. Cyprus
18. Taiwan
19. Iceland
20. Fiji Islands

Pets coming form rabies-infected countries, which are not listed above will be banned, or pets coming from:

1. USA (except Hawaii) & Canada
2. Africa
3. South America countries
4. Most EU countries
5. Most Asian countries

We will update you all as we go!


PetRelocation Team




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