New Korea Pet Import Regulations Beginning Dec. 1, 2012

Pet travelers with plans to head to Korea in a few months should take note that the current animal import policy is set to change on Dec. 1, 2012. We reported these changes a few months ago, but now the Korea quarantine office has issued a document outlining the changes.

Take a look at the changes to the Korea import rules as well as the new flyer (here's a sneak peek below). 

Basically, the changes can be summarized as such:

(The new rules apply to all countries other than the following rabies-free countries: Japan, Taiwan, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Iceland, Guam, Hawaii, Samoa, Cayman Islands, French Polynesia, Martinique, Department of Reunion, Wallis and Futuna, Albania, Dominica Republic, Macedonia, Lichtenstein, Malaysia, Switzerland)

It's also necessary to have:

-An ISO compatible Microchip.

-A rabies antibody titer test completed at an internationally approved laboratory, and the test must be done at least 30 days before departure. The result must be 0.5 IU/ml or greater.

-The above information (lab details, titer results/date, and microchip number) must be included on the international health certificate, and the validity is determined by the country of export and/or airline.



Please contact PetRelocation with any questions about pet travel to Korea.


PetRelocation Team




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