New Microchip Search Engine Gets Fido Home Faster

A new company, called Chloe Standard, is seeking to create a pet friendly microchip search engine that will allow people who find pets to easiliy search and locate the registration service that the chip is registered with.  This will streamline some of the common confusion that happens with different chip manufacturers and their registration services, as well as make it easier for pets to be reunited with their owners.  The search engine will be free, and will merely require a person to type in the chip number in order to be connected with the correct registration company (who can then give that person the information on the pet).

A few months ago, was part of a group of pet transport companies contacted by a German airline that had found a cat wandering around Frankfurt's airport.  They had scanned the tabby and found he had an ISO-compatible microchip but they were unable to determine what database the chip was registered with.  This meant, in essence, thateven though the pet had a chip, they couldn't find the right registration service to locate his owner.

Here in the US, we decided to call around to find out about the cat, even though he wasn't a "customer" of ours.  After calling seven different phone numbers, we eventually found the right registration service and they were able to tell us the cat's name (Captain Jack!) and how to contact his owners.  We forwarded this information on to the airline in Germany.  Had it not been for a little bit of persistence, Captain Jack might not have ever been reunited with his owner.

It sounds like Chloe Standard will help make this process even easier.


PetRelocation Team




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