New Pre-Export Requirements for Shipping to Australia - We received these new requirements for pet shipping into Australia this week. As far as our Australian export team can see, the only actual new requirement is the additional language regarding the "thorough examination" for external parasites.

Issue Date: 24 September 2008

Amended pre-export requirements for tick treatments for dogs and cats for export to Australia

Biosecurity Australia (BA), the Australian government agency responsible for the risk assessment and policy development for the importation of dogs into Australia, has advised the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) of new requirements in the import conditions for dogs and cats.

BA has advised that all dogs and cats for export to Australia must be examined by an accredited veterinarian for the presence of external parasites, including visible or palpable ticks within 4 days prior to export. A thorough examination for external parasites must be performed, with particular attention being paid to the body regions of the forelegs, chest, neck, head, ears, eyes, shoulders, axillae and inner thighs.

BA has also advised that all dogs must be re-treated for external parasites within 4 days of export. This treatment is in addition to those required at the time of blood sampling for Ehrlichia canis and for the maintenance of protection.

AQIS has implemented the new condition from September 2008 for all cats and dogs imported from countries other than New Zealand.

AQIS information packages for the importation of dogs into Australia and the web information provided to AQIS clients have been amended to reflect the new requirements.

For further information about this requirement or other issues concerning the importation of dogs or cats to Australia, please contact our section at the addresses and numbers below:

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