New Weekly Poll:  Are you a dog person or a cat person? - The question for last week's poll was, "The changing economy will affect how much money I spend on my pet(s) & pet-related services." Voters were asked to indicate how likely it was that the economy would affect their pet-related spending habits. We had visitors from ten different pet friendly countries give their feedback, but overwhelmingly they were American voters.

Twenty-eight percent of voters said that it was unlikely that the economy would affect how much money they spent on their pet. Most of these votes were by women. Nearly the same number of men said that it was unlikely or very unlikely that the economy would affect them (about ten-percent for very unlikely and twelve-percent for unlikely, respectively).

Coming in a close second, twenty seven percent of voters did feel as though it was likely they would spend less money on their pets. Nineteen percent voted that they were not sure. Considering things are still a bit up in the air, this is understandable. Sixteen percent of voters indicated that it was very unlikely the economy would affect their spending on pets. And, showing that perhaps things aren't quite as dire as they seem, only eleven percent of voters indicated it was very likely that the economy would affect them.

All in all, one 64 year-old male voter from the US summed up the general sentiment the best in the comments section of the poll, saying "If my dog needs something, he will have it."

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll! This week is based off a recent New York Times article about the growing trend of single men owning cats. We want to know whether you have a dog, a cat, both or neither. You can vote on it below, and leave any comments in the comments section!


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