New Zealand, North Island with Pets!

New Zealands North Island

It is the overall well-being of family pets that motivates most pet owners to bring their animal companions along on the family trip҅and they miss that faithful companion that is always so happy to see them and greets them with a wagging tail and a friendly lick!

New Zealand has lots of options for those people wishing to explore the magnificent countryside and take in all of the attractions that she offers. The great advantage of visiting New Zealand is that all of its beautiful, colorful and dramatic scenery, diverse historical culture, and artistic landscapes are all within a short distance.

The North Island is filled with magical water based attractions such as Fullers Bay of Islands, the Cape Brett 'Hole in the Rock' cruise or you may simply wish to relive maritime history at the New Zealand National Maritime Museum. For the more adventurous, an exhilarating experience is the famous Taupo Tandem Skydivewhere you can exit the plane in style at a thrilling 6000 to15000 feet over magnificent Lake Taupo. Dont miss Rotorua, which is very rich in Maori history. You may also wish to explore the rituals, music and food of a culture that existed well before the Europeans arrived in New Zealand with Tamaki Maori Village. Of course The North Island is also home to New ZealandҒs capital city, Wellington; a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis that has so much to offer. Te Papa is New Zealands national museum, filled with much of the countryҒs treasures and stories.

Some of the best attractions in New Zealand are therefore of the natural variety, as it is the splendor of majestic, snow-capped mountain ranges, volcanoes, beautiful beaches, remote hiking trails, awesome landscapes, lush forests, wilderness, fresh water lakes and lush fauna that are guaranteed to leave you refreshed, in awe and with the most memorable photos that you will ever capture. New Zealand also boasts amazing wildlife and a pleasant climate which make it a haven for many outdoor activities, and a great place to unwind and relax, making this a perfect destination for nature lovers of all ages.

New Zealand is perfect for Hiking! But first a few things to consider before you and your dog hit the trails together! New Zealands North Island is perfect for hiking but if you and your dog arenҒt used to more than about twenty-minute walks and you have a five-hour hike planned, it would be wise to both go into training and planning ahead by going on longer walks weeks before the hike, increasing the distance as your dog becomes conditioned. Be sure your dog is receiving a complete and balanced diet. Avoid heat and humidity.

On those hot and/or humid days, hike in the early morning or in the evening when it cools off. Be sure there's plenty of water and a collapsible bowl for easy storing or an alternative is to hike by a stream.Bring along a supply of food or treats to keep your pet's energy level up. Also, your dog's pack should include a first-aid kit with tweezers (to remove splinters or stingers), antibacterial medication and gauze. Always leash your dog. It's really the only way to maintain control at all times. This is especially important in the woods where you want to keep your dog away from other animals and dangerous plants like poison ivy.

Now that you have the basics; enjoy each other's company and remember that while on your hike, stop frequently for rest and water breaks. Hike at a pace that's comfortable for both you and your dog, and turn back if either of you tire. Praise your dog often for good behavior and most of all have fun and enjoy the new scenery together!

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