North America Pet Travel Spotlight: Pet Travelers Share Their Stories

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Thanks for following along with our North America Pet Travel Spotlight! Now that we've covered the finer points of North America and domestic United States pet travel by discussing cargo travel, breed restrictions, and more, it's time to take a look at some real life examples of success. 

Find out what these pet travelers had to say after they completed their moves -- their stories will hopefully illustrate that the hard work of planning a pet move is well worth it once your pet is home safe with you where they belong.

Driving Vs. Flying

"I was originally thinking about driving the dogs across the country myself because I was worried about the dogs riding in the belly of an airplane. My husband explained that the dogs would be just as stressed or maybe more riding in our mini-van across the country, and instead of being stressed for 6 hours on the plane they would be stressed for at least 5 days in the van. When he put it that way it made sense to fly them but we had no idea how to go about doing that." Read More

"Originally, we thought we would just take our Beagle (Jack) and Calico cat (Kelly) with us on our road trip. But soon the thought of two weeks in a pickup truck, hauling a U-haul trailer, with two pets, seemed unappealing and impractical!" Read More


"Big Dog, Big Plane"

"Hercules, my golden retriever, is a tall dog and requires the biggest crate made. Unfortunately a lot of airlines won't take that size crate anymore and others only take it on certain aircraft types. I could not find a way to get my dog back to Dallas from Puerto Rico after spending a few years there." Read More

Hiring Help

"When I FINALLLLY finished school and received a job offer across the country, I needed to find a safe way to transport my beautiful mutt to our new destination. Cue PetRelocation. Not only did they find the best flight route for Zoes, they helped me to feel more at ease about Zoey traveling by flight." Read More

"The move went amazingly well. Jackson was dropped off and picked up from the airport and when I saw him he was his cheerful self. It's now been six months since the move and everything is perfect." Read More

"So in a nutshell, I called PetRelocation and gave them my information, they booked the flights for our dogs, made all the arrangements, transported them to and from the airport and we had our dogs with us again in no time with ZERO stress. It was amazing." Read More

dog with suitcase

"The day of the relocation, Sadie was picked up at my parent’s house and driven to Newark. Her flight was delayed from Newark, which made her miss her connecting flight in Denver. Sarah, the client care specialist, called me right away and let me know what was going on. It was very helpful to have up to date information." Read More

Traveling to Canada

"I had moved to northern Alberta in January 2011 and was finally able to bring my cats up around March of 2014. I had no clue of the process and tried asking around to all two of our airlines about how I go about getting them up here." Read More

Traveling to Hawaii

"Hawaii is also a rabies-free zone, and in order to maintain this they have a very strict screening policy and a 5-page checklist of requirements that must be met before your pet arrives. The penalty for missing or messing up a step is having your pet quarantined for 120 days, which was a very intimidating and sometimes overwhelming process to me, especially when I was trying to sort out all the logistics of my own move at the same time." Read More

penny and owner in hawaii

"It was our first time flying our cats by plane and it was a pretty big move to Hawaii. We wanted to ensure that our pets flew safely and were in great hands. Anytime we called the airlines for any help, they didn't know their own policies and we kept getting different answers. We wanted people who were experts in relocating animals so that we were prepared if original plans didn't happen." Read More

Thanks to all of these North America pet travelers for sharing their incredible experiences with us! Catch up with the rest of the PetRelocation North America Pet Travel Spotlight series and contact us if you're ready to start planning your pet's move.


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