North Carolina Governor Declares November to be Safe Pet Travel Awareness Month

Safe pet travel is an issue that many of us often think about, but it doesn't hurt to spotlight it every once in a while in order to underline how important pet safety truly is. Kudos to North Carolina Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue, then, for declaring November to be Safe Pet Travel Awareness Month.

Her official proclamation states that, since nearly 90 percent of pet owners travel with their pets, it's important to recognize the importance of properly restraining them when traveling by car. Not only is this in the best interest of the pet, who could be injured by deploying airbags or by the force of the impact, it makes drivers, passengers, and other travelers safer as well.

How will you observe Safe Pet Travel Awareness Month? Hopefully by restraining your furry travelers when you hit the road for Thanksgiving and remembering that pet travel safety is something to consider all year long.

Well done, Gov. Perdue! (Who by the way seems to be quite the pet lover -- her website states that she has two Tibetan terriers, Dosie and Zipper.) Happy November, and travel safely everyone!

Zipper, one of North Carolina's "First Dogs"


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