Operation Baghdad Pups!

Petrelocation.com - Please help and/or visit, Operation Baghdad Pups as it truly is one of the best resources to come out of this war of ours!

I am sure many of you have heard of them, as they are just amazing in their help with getting all pets out of the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. We have worked on helping the military in getting their pets out of the middle east for some time now, however the rules and contacts were always changing that we found it rather difficult, and expensive, for our customers.

We were contacted by a member of the military, whom can not be named due to his position with the Army, that was in need of getting his cat out of Iraq and to his family in states. In his email to us, he basically said that he and his team blew up a building and basically turned it to rubble... then after the smoke cleared, a cat walked out to say "HI!"

Obviously, the bond started from that moment on and he and his crew new that this cat, Jasmine who is pictured above enjoying his new view in the USA, was special and needed to get home!

Well, we contacted the wonderful pet friendly company of Baghdad Pups, the SPCA and the wonderful Terri Crisp. Terri Crisp single handedly flew to Kuwait, then to Baghdad - picked up the cat and then flew home! What an amazing person and service!

Standing ovation for Terri and all involved, thank you so much for all you do!

Happy Pet Rescue!


PetRelocation Team




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