Pack your bags, get those paws ready!

Pets are animals or birds kept as a companion and a friend, most of the time its merely because a person loves animals, birds, fish etc that they bring one home. If a person is a pet lover, it's a wonderful feeling to own a pet of their choice, taking care of it, playing with it and watching it grow. Its almost like having a baby in the family, monitoring its feeding habits, playfulness and childish behavior.

Troubles come only when the pet falls ill or doesnҒt adjust to the surroundings or if there is any member in the family who doesnt like the pet or is allergic to it. Another cause for despair is when the owner or the family has a job or is in a circumstance that leaves them no choice but to move from one country to the other, either once in a while or often. They already have too much on their hands, not only do they have to ensure safe transportation of household items, they also have to worry and fret about their pets, which need careful and sensitive handling. Issues such as their care, safety and comfort during the journey will no longer be a worry for the owner when there is an organization handling it.

In order to make sure the pets travel a safe journey, the owners should get a clearance from their Veterinarian that their pet is healthy and can cope with the changes. Another important factor to keep in mind is that some animals might need special permission, so owners need to obtain this much ahead of when the move is expected. It is also safe to have an identification tag for the pet, to be able to locate it incase it gets lost in transit.

It is then necessary to decide on the mode of pet transport, if by road, and if the pet is not used to long distance, then you will have to get it used to the drive; if by train, ensure you have a sturdy carrier or dog crate and you are near your pet so they feel safe. And if traveling by air, make sure to book tickets on an airline that allows pets and ensure that your pet has been fed something before the flight and has a little something to nibble on during the journey. Some airlines allow pets in the cabin, but at such times ensure there are no sudden reactions or your pet gets scared and causes ruckus disturbing other travelers. It is hence vital to get a good pet moving agent to take care of the pet and its safety from the time it leaves its home till reaching the new destination.


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