Pet Air Travel: FIDO Friendly Takes a Look at

PetRelocation in Pet Air Travel NewsWe were excited to see that FIDO Friendly covers one of our favorite topics this month -- pet air travel -- and even more excited to see they were nice enough to feature a bit about us in the article!



Relocation & Regulation
Flying with Fido has escalated to all new levels thanks to 
PetRelocation. From picking up your pooch to booking airline flights, ensuring a smooth flight and every detail of the plan, doggy moms and dads have a puppy plethora of options.

Take a look at their write-up and the rest of the story, which includes plenty of helpful tips and fun facts, to get a head start on the summer pet travel season.

Also, if you're interested in subscribing to the magazine, now is the time! Call the subscription department at 888.881.5861 Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST and mention code DEXTER for 20% off your subscription.

Happy travels, everyone!

First Class Fido


PetRelocation Team





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