Pet Airline Air France-KLM

Over ninety years ago, KLM's "Variation Live Pets" pet cargo program was started with safety, comfort and pet hygiene being their main focus when transporting a wide variety of pets. After joining forces with Air France in 2004, pets now have the ability to travel on one of Europe's most popular airlines, boasting the largest number of international passenger-miles flown in both 2008 and 2007.

Based in Amsterdam, AF-KL Cargo offers an exclusive Animal Hotel for pets transiting through Amsterdam, which we'll take a look at in more detail later this week, including an exclusive video of the inside of the Pet Hotel and an in-depth look at the AF-KL Cargo booking process for pets traveling on KLM's Variation Live Pets.  We'll also talk to Robert van Voorthuysen, International Sales Manager for Variation Live, to find out more about what pet owners can expect when traveling on KLM with their pets.

Be sure to catch all of the AF-KL Cargo action this week and let us know what questions you'd like answered in the comments section!


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