Pet Airline News: No More Flying Pets In-Cabin to Mexico?

Here's an interesting news item that may affect pet travelers to Mexico. A few US-based airlines, citing a "new" Mexican law,  are no longer accepting pets for in-cabin travel to Mexico. Since it costs more to fly pets in the cargo area (and separates travelers from their pets), this change has not been welcomed by customers. United, US Airways and Delta seem to all be falling in line with this change, however United customers have been especially vocal.

This recent Washington Post article discusses a growing distrust between "elite-level" travelers and airlines. According to the article, many pet owners view the United decision as just a way for the airline to make more money, and they've expressed frustration with inconsistencies by starting a petition at Apparently the directive the airlines are following dates back to 2007 and only applies to flights within Mexico, so travelers find it suspicious that it's suddenly being enforced.

If you've been keeping up, you'll recall that a similar petition began in response to United's banned breed policy, and United eventually lifted those restrictions. Will this current disagreement be settled the same way? We'll keep you updated.

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