Pet Care in Australia!

Pet care in Australia!

If you are contemplating pet transport to Australia, you will be glad to know that it is easy to get all types of pet care products and professional services in Australia and in some cases, even pet insurance. There are many pet services that offer dog-walking services so that your pets always have plenty of exercise and recreation if you lead a busy lifestyle to spare the time. This is a good way to prevent your pet from feeling ignored or neglected.

If you have to leave home for business or personal reasons then the pet care services in Australia will prove of tremendous help. The pet care professionals employed by such services will arrive at your home and look after your pets for you. They can care for dogs, cats, and many other types of pets by including activities like feeding, walking, providing individual attention. All of this is included in the service provided.

Pet care products and pet food consumption in Australia grew by 4% in recent years. Urban consolidation is believed to be the biggest influencing factor in this figure. Since consolidation results in smaller garden areas with increasing number of people moving to townhouses and apartments, this creates a need for pets that do not require too much space, smaller dogs for example, or fish or birds.

Another factor is that the average age of 1st time mothers in Australia is now touching 30. This has resulted in an increase in pet ownership as the amount of attention that may have been given to raising children is now being diverted towards pet care and pet travel.

These simple seeming factors greatly influence the amount of money that is spent on pets and the amount of pampering they receive.

A strong economy generates more disposable income and pet food and pet care expenditures automatically go up for the average pet owner. However, a high income also means a busy lifestyle and lesser time to spend on pet pampering. This causes another shift towards pets that do not require too much personal time or care. On either end of the demographic scale this represents and overall increase in pet ownership and a higher emphasis on quality pet care products and pet food.

Trends that are forcing people to focus on fresh and healthy eating habits are also influencing the choice of pet food and its nutritional value. Pet owners have become increasingly picky on the type of pet food they buy based on how healthy they judge a product to be.

The pet economy, its products and services are growing by leaps and bounds and benefiting a lot of people employed by these companies and the pet owners themselves. We always enjoy seeing new levels within the pet industry that is creating these jobs and more choices for all of us pet owners.

Happy Pet Owning!


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