Pet Care in the Philippines

Before arranging pet travel to Philippines you must contact the Philippine Embassy or Consulate closest to you. If already in Philippines then contact the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry, Animal Health Division (AHD).

This growth was a result of an increasing awareness among pet owners as well as general consumer behavior. Pet ownership was not only restricted to those who were seeking pets as a means of companionship but it also became a significant earning factor for those who were into commercial pet breeding.

Most of the newer pet owners prefer pure breed dogs and cats as this is also treated as a form of investment and leads to higher expenditure in pet food, grooming, and other supplies. The general increase in the prices of different pet care products and pet food was also much higher and furthermore this increase did not affect the volume growth of the market.

The dog and cat food segment of the pet food market remained the biggest and showed a 9% increase in volume. Dog food also saw significant increase in price of the pet care products and pet food but it still outsold all other types of pet care products and pet food.

Dogs are the most preferred pets in Philippines and consequently the expenditure on them as pets is much higher than any other type of pet. This too was a factor that contributed to the steady growth of the pet food market and pet product industry and things like a dog crate.

Another factor that seriously influenced the growth of dog and cat pet food market was the one stop stopping experience that became popular in 2004. This was a very convenient way of shopping for all pet owners. Such a shopping center would feature a veterinary clinic, pet shops for products and pet food, and a parlor for pet grooming services.

Nestle and Masterfoods are the top two competitors in the pet care product and pet foods market in Philippines. The competition between these two has always been a close finish and in 2005 Nestle barely managed to emerge in front after a long time of playing catch-up. The competition is expected to get even tougher with the entrance of San Miguel Corp and the launch of its dog food Petko.

The market is expected to show a continuous and healthy growth throughout 2010.


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