Pet Customer Testimonial: Bloom’s Move to Amsterdam

Name: Barbera
Pet's Name: Bloom
From: San Francisco
To: Amsterdam

We moved our eight-month-old Labradoodle to Amsterdam, and the support we got from was great. They reassured us that all would be fine and provided us with all the information we needed before our move. When our doggie arrived in Amsterdam she was absolutely fine -- no problems or trauma after the long flight at all. She was very happy to see us and excited to explore her new environment.

Thank you very much for all your help and guidance during this scary and stressful relocation. I was very worried about our puppy and the impact this all would have on her. So far so good... she does not seem to be impacted by it.

Again, thank you so much. You and your team have made this process a lot easier for us!







PetRelocation Team




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