Pet Driving Safety: Should ‘Lap Dogs’ be Banned?

Just as its becoming more common for people to fly with pets, more and more pet owners are driving with them, too. Whether for a vacation or a trip to the grocery store, many people have no qualms about bringing their pups along for the ride -- but a debate has arisen about what is safe and what isn't. (No, we're not going to dive into the whole Mitt Romney and Seamus situation.)

In Rhode Island, legislators are considering a ban on the practice of letting dogs roam freely in cars. It's been shown that wandering dogs can be a dangerous distraction to drivers (and can also be a safety hazard for the dogs themselves), and though some pet owners balk at the idea, many say the lap dog practice should be made illegal.

Here's the full article about the Rhode Island situation from The Wall Street Journal. A few other states have tried to instate similar laws and many places have bans on texting and talking on the phone while driving, but it seems that pet-related legislation is actually pretty tough to pass and no one has succeeded thus far. We'll see what happens this time around, and will do our best to keep up with all the latest pet travel news as it develops.

Do you restrain your pets when you drive or allow them to move around the car? Do other drivers' habits regarding pet travel make you feel unsafe? Let us know what you think!


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