Pet flights to the UK: What airlines participate in the DEFRA Pet Travel Scheme

Name: Tracy J.
Number of Pets: 3
Pet Type: Cats
From: Kansas City, MO
To: England

I would like for our pets to fly on the same flight as us. Our tickets are booked with United (we cannot change our airline). However, I called United about shipping our pets and they stated they do not participate in the DEFRA Pet Scheme program and my pets would be quarantined for six months. Do I have to ship my pets on an airline that participates in the DEFRA Pet Scheme program to avoid quarantine? If I ship my pets with United will they be quarantined upon arrival in England even though I have done everything else (microchip, rabies, health cert, etc)? Thank you for your help! -Tracy

Hi Tracy,

Pet travel to the UK and avoiding quarantine requires that you follow a few specific guidelines, and unfortunately you're right about United's lack of participation in the PETS Scheme. Here's a rundown of what these rules are all about. If you fly with United, your cats will be subject to a quarantine.

Continental Airlines is the first US airline to be approved under the PETS Scheme and we often fly pets overseas with them. Find out more about Continental here. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are also airlines that offer pet flights to the UK and participate in the PETS Scheme.

Sorry you've encountered some difficulties... Please let us know if we can help you to arrange the details of your cats' journey overseas.

Good luck in your travels, and thanks for the inquiry, Tracy!


PetRelocation Team




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