Pet Friendly Airline Spotlight: Virgin Atlantic

We're wrapping up the last week of our Pet Friendly Airline Series by spotlighting a few airlines we've yet to cover. So far we've looked at Lufthansa, JetBlue, Delta and KLM, but we thought you'd like to know about Virgin Atlantic, as well.

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline headquartered near London Gatwick Airport, and last year they carried about 5.3 million passengers. They aren't as comprehensive a pet carrier as a few other airlines, but they've come in handy for a number of four-legged flyers and, you never know, might be the best choice for you someday.

Here are a few facts about Virgin America: 

-Virgin Atlantic flies pets to about 16 major cities, including Boston, Dubai and San Francisco.

-Because exceptions do apply, VA recommends that you call them first to discuss your pet travel plans before you book your own flight.

-If you're flying with Virgin Atlantic it's likely you're flying in or out of the UK, so start familiarizing yourself with their specific import rules, including the Pet Travel Scheme, well in advance of your trip.

-While we're on the topic, here's an interesting Virgin Atlantic anecdote: Though not one of our customers, we loved following the adventures of Sparrow, an African Grey Parrot who managed to gain permission to fly with Virgin Atlantic even though they normally only ship dogs and cats. It ended up being a successful move, and it's a story worth reading if you're planning to fly with a bird anytime in the future.

Have you ever flown with Virgin Atlantic? Let us know if you have any helpful tips or fun stories to share!

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PetRelocation's Pet Friendly Airline Spotlight Series will feature one airline each week during the month of May.  Check back each Monday through Thursday this month for more information about the various pet programs and tips for booking pet-friendly flights, and use #PetReloAS on Twitter to follow and join the conversation!


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