Pet-Friendly Airline Update: The Continental and United Airline Merger

continental logoIt's the nature of the travel world: nothing stays the same for too long. You may have recently heard about the planned merger between Continental and United Airlines, and we wanted to update you about what this will mean for pet travel.

Due to their excellent safety record and PetSafe program, Continental is one of our top choices when it comes to shipping pets. We're therefore happy to hear them report that the current practices will be transferred over in a few months. All of Continental's embargoes, restrictions and amenities will soon apply to United's flights, including year-round shipping and the use of dedicated PetSafe vans. Additional enhancements are in in the works, as well.

It will still take a few months until the two airlines are brought into complete harmony, but we'll keep you updated regarding anything pet-related. For now, talk to your Pet Relocation Specialist about any questions you may have, and travel safely, everyone!





PetRelocation Team




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