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Here we are again, continuing our exploration of pet friendly travel amenities at various airports around the country. Unfortunately we don't have time to examine every pet area in existence, but luckily there are plenty of knowledgeable travelers out there who have taken the time to check out and report on a few airports, too. We've compiled a list of findings here, and as usual, feel free to share your own airport experiences with us here or on our Facebook page!

Dog Jaunt is one of our favorite pet travel blogs. It's packed with fresh and comprehensivedog jaunt logo information featuring the firsthand experiences of a globetrotting Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chloe, and we were happy to discover that Mary-Alice Pomputius, the author of the blog, has created a guide to airport pet-relief areas. Take a look at what she found at 15 different airports, including San Francisco International, JFK and Chicago O'Hare. Thanks to Mary-Alice and Chloe for the helpful research!

Here's a helpful state-by-state list compiled by that provides links to individual airline sites and briefly describes the amenities you can expect at each location. If it exists, there's likely some mention of it here, so take a look at this page before you pack up your pet and hit the skies.

Taking the time to bring attention to more than just their own business, Alaska Airlines has compiled a list of pet relief areas in the US and Mexico. This handy chart lets you know what the surface area is like at each relief station (grass, cement, etc...) and whether or not it's inside or outside of security (most are outside, unfortunately).  American Airlines has also put together a list.

Here's a quick post about pet relief areas from a travel blog called Stuck at the Airport with some pictures of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, Phoenix Sky Harbor International, Reno-Tahoe International and Austin-Bergstrom International. You can find a few other posts concerning the pet/airport dynamic on this site, too (like this one).

PetRelocation's Pet Friendly Airport Spotlight series features a few airports with noteworthy pet relief areas. These Spotlights will highlight one airport each week, Monday through Thursday, through the month of November. We'll take a look at the various aspects of the pet areas, including the amenities offered and their general accessibility.


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