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Belize for Pets:

The tiny, tropical English speaking Latin American country known as Belize is northeast of Central America. Unwind in this treasured, magnificent Caribbean paradise as the warm tropical breezes melt away the stresses of your hectic life and you experience the slow and relaxing pace of Belize! Strewn with lush tropical rainforests bursting with exotic birds, plants and animals Belize is a true island delight encased by calm sparkling seas and coral reefs, teaming with colorful fish, magnificent sun drenched beaches with swaying palms. Dont forget to take your two dogs, Mignon and Nirvana along- they have their leashes packed so that they can lead you to all of the best attractions that you wonҒt want to miss!

Pet friendly days out and attractions:

Every destination and attraction in Belize offers something out of the ordinary as the natural ecology varies significantly and adds to her intrigue and beauty. Check out these terrific places to visit, especially if your pets will come too!

  • The Mayan Cities: If it is adventure that you crave, then get ready to explore, traipse and hit the trails because awaiting your discovery within the jungle's lush vegetation are the many remains of ancient Mayan cities and gaze up in awe at majestic Maya Mountains that soar 3000 feet into the clouds. The Lamanai Archaeological Reserve also contains a museum, the remnants of two 16th century Spanish churches and a colonial sugar mill that was established in 1860 that are well worth seeing. Tikal was once the most powerful city in the Mayan World encompassing over 23 square miles and supporting a population of over 100,000. Today, the ruins lie amidst 220 acres of rainforest reserve; luscious and home to countless birds and animals including a healthy population of howler monkeys. Altun Ha is the closest major site to Belize City and quite accessible by private vehicle; so take Mignon and Nirvana along as they will behave very nicely in the car; they promise!

  • The Belize Zoo: is settled upon 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 125 animals all native to Belize. You'll see jaguar, margay, ocelot, coatimundi, agouti, howler monkeys, toucans, iguanas, crocodiles, and boas to name a few. There is also a nature trail and a canoe trip for you to experience; but the girls will have to stay behind for this one! Have them stand guard and protect your dinner back at the hotel!

  • Cave tubing: Much of Belize sits atop a limestone foundation riddled by a network of caves and sinkholes. While many caves are challenging to the experienced spelunker, several are easy adventures even for beginners. Then there are the spectacular examples where rivers disappear underground  making cave tubing a major Belize attraction. Not to be missed!

  • Maritime Museum: A fabulous day out in which the family will be introduced to a history of Belize's fishing and boat building industries. Located on the Belize River, next to the SwingBridge a perfect location for some luscious tasty seafood after wards?

  • Community Baboon Sanctuary: A great attraction for the entire family, especially the kids as they meet one of Belizes endangered species - the Black Howler Monkey

  • Blue Hole National Park: Catch a glimpse of a natural phenomenon at this park; a sapphire blue sinkhole leading to the Sibun River.

  • Mountain Pine Ridge: The Mountain Pine Ridge is home to the Hidden Valley Falls (1,000 Foot-Falls), the Rio on River, the Rio On Pools, and the Rio Frio Cave and Nature Trail.

Cuisine and Eating Out in Belize:

Belize Cuisine is a blend of Caribbean, Mexican, Spanish, and Mayan Food Traditions. Delicious! The staple of Belizean cuisine thats eaten daily by all is simply called Belizean rice and beans. After a full day of seeing the attractions in and around Belize you can grab a plate in downtown Belize City from a variety of street-side sellers. What is it basically? Mountains of beans and rice accompanied by stewed meat (usually beef or chicken) with gravy, potato salad and plantain.

One of the first things most visitors to Belize come to recognize is that there are no typical fast food restaurants to be seen here; instead here are the terms that you will come across when dining in Belize!

  • Fast Food Restaurant - A little shop with a hand painted sign that indicates food is sold there which has a little area where you can stand at a counter or sit at a bench to eat.

  • Panades - Corn turnovers stuffed with beef, chicken, beans, or fish, deep fried and garnished with cabbage.

  • Garnaches - Fried corn tortillas, like nacho chips but round and the size of small pancakes, with beans, cabbage, and cheese piled up on them.

  • Salbutes - Flat round circles of fried corn masa (the dough used to make corn tortilla) with stacks of stewed chicken and cabbage with tomatoes and cilantro on top.

  • Bollos or Tamales - Seasoned corn dumplings stuffed with chicken and wrapped in plantain leaves.

  • Tamalitos - Grated fresh corn steamed in corn husks, sometimes with chicken.

  • Cowfoot Soup - A delicacy that cannot be found just anywhere. No, you don't have to eat the foot!

  • Rice and Beans - The staple meal in Belize. Red beans cooked in rice and served with your choice of meat and a salad (coleslaw or potato salad).

  • Stewed Beans and Rice - Red beans stewed and served on top of white rice with your choice of meat and a salad.


Pet Friendly Accommodations:

A couple of pet friendly hotels are listed below; however as each hotel has its own policy regarding pets, it is advisable that you contact the hotel directly to ascertain that they will meet your particular needs.

Villas at Banyan Bay; San Pedro: Spectacular beach front villas are complete with fully equipped kitchen, spacious living area and comfortably appointed bedrooms with private bathrooms and Jacuzzi; what more could any pampered pooch want? Okperhaps to be allowed to enjoy the lush tropical landscaping and multi level swimming pool. Never mind, there is the beach.

Pleasure Island Resort; St Georges Caye; Belize: Clean and pet friendly hotel that beckons you relax and put your feet up! That is, your feet and for Mignon and Nirvana, their clean little paws!




Finally; Belize is renowned as being hot and humid for most of the year, with few seasonal variances. The temperature in Belize is a major draw for many visitors, who come looking for warm, tropical weather coupled with amazing natural beauty. Obviously they find it!




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