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Fiji For Pets:

Beautiful Fiji is an island paradise where you and your pet can relax on a lovely beach in the warm sunshine or pound the pavements together as you check out the markets, bazaars and shops in the city areas. Either way both you and your pet will feel totally at ease at you relax, lay back and simply enjoy the magic that is undoubtedly Fiji! The people are pleasant with warm welcoming smiles and a friendly Bulla greeting every where you go as well as a pat for your pooch!

Pet friendly days out and attractions in Fiji:

There are lots of exciting pet friendly places to see and heaps of fun things to do in Fiji, from exploring the very popular and scenic Garden of the Sleeping Giant with her magnificent orchids and gorgeous botanical gardens to leisurely wonder through to the Nausori Highlands with spectacular views across valleys, waterfalls and remote Fijian villages. There are numerous National Parks in Fiji which have great rain forest tracks, wild life and mangrove forests for you to explore. There is also the Sigatoka River Valley filled with rich farmland, Indian settlements and more Fijian villages for you and your companion to discover.

Renowned for fabulous snorkeling and waters teeming with colorful fish, a day trip to the reef at Beqa Lagoon, located just off Pacific Harbor on the south of Viti Levu (Fiji's main island) is an absolute must do. Perhaps a shark feed dive if you are qualified, although I am 100% certain that this is one of those times that you shouldnt listen to Fido and let him come along; perhaps a friendly pet sitter would be better on this occasion!

Head for the beach and try sliding down Sigatoka Sandunes which has 6km of windswept sand dunes perfect for slipping down on boogie boards!

There are some thirty-three white soft sand beaches awaiting your foot prints, of which many will also welcome a few doggies paw prints as well! Throw a Frisbee, ball or stick together in to the brilliant turquoise seas! Ҡ

Head for Fijis capitol Suva and be sure to take your trusty doggie for a walking tour as this delightful city is set around a picturesque harbour with lots of shopping, museums and markets galore. DonҒt forget to check out the Cultural Centre with a theatrical display of Fijian customs including traditional fire walking.

Cuisine and eating out in Fiji!

"Whatever you are doing in Fiji, you always have to incorporate the highly cited Fiji Time in your plans as well as a taste of the national drink kava!

When experiencing all things Fijian including breakfast, lunch and dinner; remember that you are on Fijian time! This means everyone is laid back, relaxed and life is generally hassle-free!

There is plenty of variety to be had when it comes to eating out in Fiji as nowadays Fiji cuisine is a great mixture of Polynesian, Indian, Melanesian, Chinese and Western cuisine.

Traditional Fijian Food: Always delicious and unique to Fiji. Kokoda is a traditional dish and often features on Lovo Nights at many resorts throughout the island; where food is cooked over hot stones in an earth-oven.Ԡ Exotic fruits of the region such as guava, mango, bananas and pineapple and coconut milk feature highly in Fijian sweet, salty or spicy dishes. Fijian main courses usually include meat, poultry or seafood garnished with cassava ortaro (a woody shrub root) and boiled taro leaves.

The other cuisine to try is that of Fijis Indian community as they are descended from different regions in India and offer authentic Indian-Fiji curries and chillies, which you must try!Pet Friendly Accommodations:

Travelling with pets is easier than it used to be as pet friendly accommodation such as these great resorts welcome your furry friends.

  • Namuka Bay Lagoon: Namuka Bay is located near the Coral Coast. The region offers a unique blend of nature and adventure hidden amongst rolling hills of a tropical rainforest. Namuka Bay Lagoon promises more than just a holiday and is pet friendly. Perfect for everyone!

  • Lomalagi Resort: This resort features six large secluded villas overlooking Natewa Bay on the island of Vanua Levu, and her name means Heaven in the Fijian language; so what more can I say? Except that this resort is referred to by many as the most gorgeous and secluded location in all of Fiji.

  • Maravu Plantation Resort: "Maravu" is a Fijian word meaning "calm and tranquil. Beachfront luxury and Fijian hospitality means that Maravu's magic will capture you from the moment you arrive with your pets in tow as they are also welcome here!

Finally; whether visiting the beautiful island of Fiji for just a few days, a week or longer to relax and unwind; this magical haven with palm fringed coral islands, swimming, surfing and snorkeling; natural rain forests and lofty mountains; itԒs a sure bet that your travel party wont want to leave!



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