Pet Friendly Travel to The Canaries!


Brutus and Kisses, two friendly canine friends that travel extensively with their human owners (who also happen to be best friends, so they say) are excited as they are headed for the pleasant climate, family friendly beaches and small fishing villages of the Canaries. There are also towns and hamlets to explore, volcanoes to conquer and the unspoiled wilderness to tame! These two pooches are ready; food bowls and walking leads packed, and the necessary paperwork all completed! Now where are those owners?

Pet friendly days out and attractions:

The Canaries are made up seven islands in total; these being Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, Gomera and Hierro. Tenerife is the largest and most popular, and La Palma is the least developed; which is perfect for Brutus and Kisses as they like space, peace and quiet! Well, some times! The islands offer tourists and visitors an extensive landscape from mountains and deserts to tropical vegetation and stretches of sandy beaches that go on for ever! The pooches love chasing the waves and barking playfully at them! Venture with your lovable pets to Lanzarote which has many parts covered with ashes and lava; resembling the surface of the moon. And Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and well worth the climb; to enjoy truly spectacular views of the volcanic landscape with its barren rock formations. Unforgettable!

The beaches are gorgeous on any of the islands, and you may even see camels as tourists enjoy a safari on the sand. Do check the regulations regarding dogs on the beach, before you take Brutus and Kisses for their walk.

Other attractions to visit are Sioux City for some adventures reminiscent of the Wild, Wild West complete with can-can dancers, gun slinging cowboys and saloons. If crocodiles put a smile on your dial, there are over 300 of them at Parque de los Cocodrilos just waiting for you! Luckily; theres no dogs allowed! PhewӔ sigh Brutus and Kisses as they are most happy to give that one a miss! Loro Park is another animal park where you can meet face to face with a tiger! (No thanks again think your loving pets!) Then do visit Aqualand Aquasur, as its the largest water park on Gran Canaria guaranteed to keep you cool and slip-sliding all day long on the water slides! ThereҒs also Holiday World with a Ferris wheel, carousel, roller coasters, a bouncy castle, a mini golf course and miniature ponies. Sorry guys, but you will have to settle for a nice walk when we get back!

Cuisine and eating out:

Would you like some scrumptious Tapas? Brutus and Kisses will sit patiently and wait for any tidbits that come their way from these traditional little morsels of tasty treats. The Canary IslandsIslands including bananas, mangoes, papayas, pineapples and avocados. are best known for seafood, fish, tropical fruits; home made wines and specialty cheeses. Tropical fruits grow all over the

Do wander around as there are lots of choices from bars, small restaurants and outside eateries; no chains in site. There is however a McDonalds at Puerto de la Cruz on the seafront if you are desperate!

Do try mojo sauceӔ, hot and spicy in two flavors; green with parsley or red with chili as the base.

Canarian potatoes, (papas arrugadas) are small dark potatoes boiled in their skins in very salty water, left to dry, and then served whilst still hot, usually in a separate earthenware dish. Yum!

Pet friendly accommodation in the Canaries:

Traveling with pets has never been easier, and Brutus and Kisses know what makes for a good pet friendly hotel or apartment. No worries! Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura are the most popular family Canaries travel destinations because they have lovely sandy beaches, parks and great walking spots nearby. Here are some perfect accommodation options that will have everyone happy including your furry companions.

ҷ Canary Hotel; Santa Barbara: knows how to welcome travelers especially the canine variety with a comfy bed, bowls, collar, grooming kit and even a special Frisbee! How cool is that?

7 Hotel Rural Las Calas: a superb small pet friendly hotel that is over 100 years old with country charm and hospitality as well as hiking, horseback riding, golfing, etc nearby. This is an ideal place to enjoy nature and all the rural flavor of the islands.

7 Hotel M3nica Sur; Tenerife: Great hotel where well educated pets are welcome in the rooms along with their owners! Nice pool and conveniently located!

Finally, any time is perfect for a fabulous holiday to the Canaries with sunny days all year round; but do remember that every February is carnival which means that the place really comes to life! You and your pets will just love it!

Happy Pet Travels!


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