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Are you planning on traveling to the UK soon - more specifically to Cornwall, Gloucestershire or Wales? If so, we have some great suggestions for you and your traveling dogs!

Finding a pet friendly hotel is difficult to come by, especially if youre looking for a luxury hotel with high standards. Advice on pet friendly luxury hotels and tips for traveling with your pet will make the process run smoothly, as you spend more time exploring new places with your pets.

Things to know about booking a pet friendly hotel:

1. Additional Charges. Before booking, confirm any additional charges involved in having a pet stay over in your hotel.

2. Pampered Pup. Some dog friendly hotels offer doggy extras, like walking services, pet friendly menus cooked by chefs, and even grooming services.

3. Room Restrictions. Worth noting, there are sometimes restrictions barring pets from main reception rooms, especially during meal times, or from staying in certain hotel rooms.

We have found that Pet friendly luxury hotels are often found in Cornwall, Gloucestershire, and Wales, where exploring the local culture is done by man and his best friend. Pet friendly holiday spots with luxury hotels: 1. Cornwall :The South West Coast Path is a majestic stretch of British coastline, connecting over 2,400 miles of walking path. Walkers of all leg counts will be moved by endless routes and natural scenery. There are sandy beaches, some of the sunniest days in the UK, and bicycle renting. For the more extreme traveler, there is ғCoasteering where adventures can climb along the side of cliffs, explore remote coves, and repel down cliff faces. If the water calls, tourists can take surfing lessons or learn to kite surf, where a kite pulls the surfer along the water. When in Cornwall, we suggest you visit the Nare Hotel, where there is a canine menu and ocean views from the pool. 2. Gloucestershire : Whether itԒs camping with your pet or exploring significant historical architecture including the classic medieval stronghold Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire has something to offer everyone. The infamous Romantic Road tour, starting in the village of Cheltenham, winds through valleys with stone manor houses, learn about the areas rich literary history and eat in the local pubs with your pet. Gloucestershire is also host to the Annual Cheese Rolling Event, in which contestants chase a large roll of cheese down a hill (typically muddy with spring rains). When in Gloucestershire, you can have an authentic local experience staying with the Hine family, who have operated the Corse Lawn House Hotel for over 30 years. 3. Wales : Only two hours from London but worlds away, Wales prides itself on its unique national heritage and language. Take a mountain walk with your pet to reach the peak of Snowdon (3,650 ft) in Snowdonia National Park, or venture through Pembrokeshire Coast National Park together. Stay at Falcondale Mansion Hotel next to Brecon Beacons National Park with your pet, and take part in the local Hay Festival. Wales is also home to many horse riding facilities which host a range of riding experiences from pony trek to multi-day hack. Not to be forgotten are the castles, including Edward IҒs most impressive medieval fortification Caernarfon Castle. Once you arrive in London, please make sure you drive safely with your pets as you race towards the wonderful hotel you picked from above! Remember a few of our Tips for traveling with your pets by car: 1. A Breakfast. Prep your pet for the car ride by halving his typical morning meal. 2. Manicure. Itݒs important to clip your pets nails so as not to damage car seats or furniture in your destinationҒs hotel. 3. Current Address. Confirm your pets ID tags are up to date with your current contact information before you depart. 4. Ice, Ice, Puppy. During the ride, provide your pet with a block of ice to keep them hydrated. Water spills easily, and small ice cubes may prove to be a choking hazard. 5. Bathroom Breaks. Take a rest stop break about every hour and a half so your pet can stretch their legs and relieve themselves. 6. Keep the Family Together. Never, under any circumstances, leave a pet in a vehicle unattended. Not only could your pet be the victim of theft, but temperatures change quickly in direct sun (even with the windows cracked open Җ the shadows move!), or in the cold. 7. Flashlight! Taking your dog out for a night time romp in new surroundings may be difficult, bring a flashlight to keep track of where youre going! Enjoy your stay at these wonderful Pet Luxury Hotels and we wish you nothing but the best and safest pet travels!


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